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Feels like the first time.

I have a pretty huge photo library. Something like over 60-70 thousand photos, dating as far back as eight years ago. I was looking through my library the other day, looking for photos to update my website with and basically got lost in the massive amount of photos for about an hour.

Taken at the Toronto Exhibition. circa 2008.

Taken at the Toronto Exhibition. circa 2008.

I felt like I was looking at some of the photos for the first time it had been so long. Back when I took a lot of these pictures, my skill set was totally different then it is today, i.e. my abilities in post processing etc. It was interesting to see some photos where I can clearly see my thought process and what I wanted to capture (Like the photo above) but didn't have the knowledge to achieve it. 

As an artist I think sometimes we can dismiss our own work very quickly if it doesn't meet our expectations, and can also easily think our past work is not as good as what we are currently doing. However like anything in life, it's good to revisit where we've come from and appreciate the journey that has brought you to where you are now. I think I will always have times where inspiration is hard to come by, but I am learning that sometimes instead of looking outward for it, it might be better to look back at yourself and all you've accomplished to get the inspiration you need.

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