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Weather to Play In Part 2.

Two storms in the span of a week and a half? Yes please! The weather that graced the island this past weekend was a bit more extreme then that of a week and a half ago, which meant I was even more excited to get out!

This time around I had Josh as my co-pilot and to serve as a witness incase I got picked up and blown away in the gusting winds. We started the day at Swallowtail which seemed to take the brunt of most of the storm. Venturing out to the end of Swallowtail in search of a stormy day shot of the approaching ferry, I again go soaked by a massive rogue wave, I'm sure you'll be able to pick out the photo I took just before I absorbed some of the Atlantic.

After we spent a good chunk of time at Swallowtail, we proceeded to go to Hole in the Wall Campground and then down the island. I was kind of disappointed with the lack of swell when I went down to Deep Cove, I was really hoping to catch some wicked surf there, but there is still lots of time to have a good southerly storm!

Perhaps my favourite photo of the day was one I captured of an eagle, one of many that we saw that day. Just something about the way that they were gliding around in gale force winds so effortlessly, I was kind of jealous.

On a separate note, I should have my print store back up and running with in the next week or two. I'm thinking I am going to have some Christmas Gift specials, so keep an eye out for that!

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