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Where I Am.

A never ending search.

Something has become painfully clear to me over the last two years in my journey as a photographer. I will always be in pursuit of capturing something that can't be fully seen. The emotion that a scene evokes when you experience it. The grand beauty that exists, I will only ever be able to take a small part of that away from a place.

However I have realized something else that makes the endless chase worthwhile. I can visit the same spot twice and it will always be different, always speak to me in a way that is fresh and new. The simple fact that four different pictures of the same place can each hold different memories, different feelings I experienced there, makes the seemingly impossible task of capturing my surroundings less daunting.

These images that I captured over this past week on the island speak to what I am talking about. The island is only so big, and to some might seem limiting, but even after of being here for just about two years it continues to provide me with new, fresh inspiration.

I think that it is easy for some of us to become bored of where we are, to get it stuck in our heads that there isn't anything exciting around us. It is this attitude that my "secret" project is being built on. My desire for people to look at something they might pass everyday differently. To understand that out backyard has a lot more to offer then we give it credit for. Just something little for you to chew on! :)

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