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White Head.

Imagine having to take a boat for an hour and a half to get home, welcome to Grand Manan. Now imagine having to do that, plus a twenty minute drive and another 30 minute boat ride. Welcome to White Head.

In over a year and a half I never took that extra boat to explore a place that was right so close. But Thursday was the day I decided I had to see what could be found there.

White Head is home to somewhere between 150 - 200 people, who have to head to Grand Manan to get their groceries, gas etc. However there is a little corner store where they can grab some essentials or hangout and grab a coffee.

After spending 3 hours on the island, I know without a doubt I want to go back this summer. By far my favourite spot was (I think it's called Sandy Beach) where the lighthouse is. There was just something about when I came around the corner to see the light, standing in solitude, on a golden grassy hill. The drive up and down the island could probably be completed in 15 minutes, but it is well worth taking your time, as some spots on the road run right next to the water, to enjoy the vistas that you will encounter.

I only know a handful of people from White Head, but I would love to go back over and talk to some others, seeking to comprehend what it is they love about the small way of life there. I can only imagine that to them it is a place they feel very passionately, choosing a different way of life then many of us would understand.

So where's your favourite little spot in the maritimes? Where should I go for my next adventure? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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