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The Day I Captured My White Whale.

Sailing Over Shimmering Seas.

Sailing Over Shimmering Seas.

It had been a very long, emotionally draining two weeks. I knew that when this past weekend hit, I had to get out and do something to bring me back to a place of easy breathing, of quiet mind. Enter whale watching with some wonderful people.

I received a text message Friday evening asking if I wanted to go out whale watching for the day, have a BBQ on the boat and just enjoy the wonderful weather we have been having as of late. So obviously I said yes, and we took off the following morning at 10am in search of some giant mammals. As I boarded the boat I asked "Captain Caleb" if we would be passing by Gannet Rock Light house (a place I have been wanting to get to since I moved to the island) on our way to the whales. He responded by not only saying that we had to go past it on our way, but that we might actually try and get on it. At that point I could have cared less about seeing whales.

Gannet was everything that I had hoped it would be and more. Slowly deteriorating due to weather and it not being maintained any longer, it provided an eerie backdrop for some of my favourite photos I have taken in a long, long time. Wandering the creaky floors, surrounded by peeling paint and relics left behind from a previous time, for the first time in two weeks I was buzzing inside. We only could stay for about 45 minutes, but in all honesty I could have stayed the night there. There's just something about abandoned, forgotten spaces, that speak to me and calm me down with the glimpse of history they provide.

I could go on and on about how incredible that experience was, but instead I will reiterate something that I have touched on so many times over the past few years. Search to find what makes you come alive, and live a life that chases those things without fear, you will be much better off doing so.

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