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There comes a time, or quite a few times, in a creative's life where perspective kind of hits you square in the face.

I had one of those moments just yesterday while I was working my day job. Without any explanation I got to thinking about my photography and what exactly I am trying to achieve with it, and this lead me to feel really discouraged. At that moment I had so many questions coming at me so fast they were hard to keep up with.

Why aren't you better? Why aren't you busier? Why aren't you selling more? And so on.

This is a mindset, that if they were to answer honestly, a lot of artists would probably say they have found themselves in at some point. The main issues with questions of this nature is that they all start with other people as the focus. We all have a desire to have our art appreciated and recognized. Unfortunately that desire can push us towards compromising our vision, our narrative that we write with each piece we create, all for the sake of "likes and comments" or "selling more".

At the end of the day I don't want to create art for you, that might sound odd but hear me out. Photography is my outlet. It's my way of expressing something deeper within me. I'm not going to compromise that in order to gain fleeting popularity. I gladly share what I do for others to enjoy and hopefully others will see something in it, and will feel something when they look at it. So if you make art, don't let "acceptance" be a driving force as to what and why you create.

Keep focused on the right thing.

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