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Winter. Most of us dread it for one reason or another, whether it be the shovelling or the cold or even the shorter days. For me, winter puts me in a funk, a photo funk.

I'm not exactly sure why but between the daylight fading faster and the stark white snow being on the ground for a while, I find it incredibly hard to be inspired to get out and shoot. It happens every year, my photography almost goes into hibernation. And its just not in winter either. I go through seasons of not feeling inspired, where I don't see things that are "worth" stopping and taking photos of. 

Make the Time. - My grandfather's pocket watch.

Make the Time. - My grandfather's pocket watch.

Today, I forced myself to go and shoot something. I just grabbed a few cool items that I love laying around my house and set out just to create. Its hard for me to enjoy one of my favourite things in the world when it feels like "work", because it rarely does. I have learned however, that when I force myself to just do it, I usually end up trying something new or go somewhere different then I normally would and I end up better off for it. That's when I learn, usually by trial and error, and sometimes my preconceived notion of a "mistake" actually ends up being something new and interesting.

For some reason as I've gotten older the idea of wasting time really bothers me, to the point where even if I need time to relax, I feel guilty. That's always been somewhat of a good thing for me, because I hate feeling guilty! Especially when it comes to something that I love, and something that I have complete control over. So if there is something you love, make time for it. You'll have times where you have to force it, but trust me, it's good for you in the long run! 

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