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New look.

New look.

So I've been busy!

In between family photo shoots, weddings, adventures and work, I am ready to let everyone know about my newly updated website! Now with a print shop!

The site is now easier to navigate with small collections from different shoots and it will be growing all the time! Also many of you have seen my new logo, which I feel is cleaner, more recognizable and represents me better.

All that said the thing that I am most excited to announce is the return of my print shop! I get asked a lot if I have a site where pictures can be ordered, and until now, I have had to reluctantly say that is was in the works. Well it's here now! I am still working on getting a lot of my back catalogue up and ready for sale, but it's coming, and from here on out any new photos I post will have a direct link to where you can get your own copy!

Now here's where I need your help! If you enjoy my work, love this little island we live on etc, PLEASE share this post to get the word out! I would greatly appreciate it!

You can visit my print shop here.

Thanks again for sharing this post and liking my page, lots of stuff will keep coming your way and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

- Jon

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