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Time spent behind the lens.

Time spent behind the lens.

In the past couple weeks I have been doing a lot of work on my "brand", updating everything from my logo to my website. I also recently launched a print shop where people can easily find and order prints of my work.

Throughout my journey in photography I have experienced questions or statements like, "is there anyway you can do it cheaper?" or "that's seems like a lot for that". It has been these types of statements that have made me question, "what is my work actually worth?"

So what kind of work actually goes into one of my photographs?

I have been taking photos for well over a decade now, and I couldn't even begin to count the hours that I have spent with a camera in my hand. Over that period of time I have put countless kilometres on my car exploring, gone through at least 5 cameras, 4 computers, dozens of hard drives and memory cards and much more. Tutorials watched. Podcasts listened to. Learning how to build websites. You get the idea.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this stuff. Adventuring in my car is my therapy. I've loved computers and learning about them since I was in junior high. None of these things feel like work to me, that's the beauty of doing something you're passionate about! But I have realized that time I have spent does have value, and I shouldn't negate that. That time has allowed me to hone my skills, and that allows me to be able to capture moments better. Your family, your wedding day, and even those amazing sunsets.

So if you ever do something you love, and put it out there to share with the world and for them to enjoy and be part of, don't be ashamed of what you KNOW it's worth. Don't sell yourself short.

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