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Roll & Crash.

The older we get the more we don't like change, we become less accustom to trying new things. This is a dangerous mindset for any creative type of person, as it can lead to stagnation in your art and keep you from exploring other aspects of your craft.

I have been like that in the past and have fallen in and out of it through out my time behind the camera. However there always seems to be a time or two a year where I just get the urge to explore something different then I usually do. Enter long exposure.

There a different examples of long exposure that many of you have seen, star filled skies at night and waterfalls with soft, cloud like water. I always found these types of photos interesting but had never really tried to do it myself up until a week or two ago. I've shot so many things on this island that it's refreshing to shoot it in a different way, it gives it a different feel. Capturing the motion of the ocean and it's constant changing is fun and challenging. I am hoping to hone this skill to the point where I can eventually incorporate it into some creative portraits.

Long story short, get out and try something new with your art, you might just like the results (and learn things to boot!).

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