Jon Billings Photography


Behind The Lens...

Me and my Mini-Me.

Me and my Mini-Me.

To be honest, I'm horrible at trying to describe myself, but here we go!

Hi, I'm Jon! I've been in love with photography since my first year in college and have been changed by it too many times to count since then. Trying to explain what photography means to me, or why I do it, is like trying to explain something so complex that you don't fully understand.

I guess it's always been about "moments" for me. Our lives are composed of these little slices of time that stick in our brains, and ever so slightly change us. These moments contain so much information that they are hard to describe, that's where photography comes into play for me.

To have the ability to capture, to try and encapsulate a feeling otherwise indescribable, is why my camera never leaves my side. A glance from newly-weds, a sunset where you just sit in awe, a tongue stuck out between siblings, these are just some of the reasons I take photos.

Ultimately if I can communicate what I feel, or transport you back to a special moment in time, or maybe just make you look at something differently, then it's all worth it.

- Jon