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Where I Am.

The Big Thaw

It may not feel like it but winter will soon be over and the spring thaw will begin! I am looking forward to my creative juices thawing out along with all the melting snow. It was nice to go out on a photo walk tonight and not have to worry about freezing my digits off while I take pictures.

Brought to You by the Letter A.

Single Tear.

Lately all I have been shooting with is my new Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I love how sharp this lens is at every stop and the Bokeh is so creamy good. I typically shoot this wide open at f/1.8 because I am falling in love with DoF (depth of field) again, which is nice because in my early photo days I used to play with DoF all the time. This lens also takes GREAT portrait shots, it's what I used when I shot Jillian and Cooper when I visited Ottawa last month.

I'm Curious George...sell anything else?

The Time at Hand.

As the weather turns and it gets nicer out, I will be out more and more and will be playing around and being more adventurous! If you are a creative who is in a funk, don't worry you'll thaw out soon!